We are committed to servicing the needs of our eclectic client base of high growth, high potential businesses, their founders, CEOs, CFOs, Finance Directors, Chairs and private equity/venture capital investors. We understand that each of our clients has very specific individual requirements and we are able to tailor-make a specific process to suit you.

We have a genuine interest in high growth companies and thus we are always happy to take the time to meet at whatever stage of development the business has reached and whether or not you are ready to recruit yet. As we have a candidate network that crosses the levels we will always be able to introduce a range, which can really help to iterate the process and the profile of the final hire. Often in an earlier stage company this can result in a ‘Head of Finance’ hire – a candidate who can step up to Finance Director in time.

We are always looking to understand:

  • Your business, its products, its markets and the opportunities and challenges they present;
  • The goals and issues in the business, what plans it has to expand and/or exit and what funding or cash challenges it may have;
  • What is driving the key members of the management team and the owners of the business;
  • What will be the best fit with the business , crucially to ensure that the incoming new hire is aligned with the management and founders’ goals and will collaborate as a peer and at board level where necessary.

Typical situations include:

  • MBO/MBI;
  • Privately owned, high growth SME raising finance;
  • VC /PE backed portfolio businesses needing a change;
  • Buy and Build;
  • Refinancing – and/or capital raising;
  • Take private;
  • Listing;
  • Sale;
  • De-merger from plc;
  • Start-up seeking funding;
  • Trade Sale;
  • Secondary buy out;

Deep in our DNA is a commitment to investing a substantial and ongoing part of our time to curating our network of candidates. This network comprises candidates who display a combination of the best practical and technical experience together with the value creating mindsets necessary to deliver enhanced returns for the businesses they will become part of. Spending our time actually getting to know our network also gives us an accurate ability to judge mindsets and what is driving individual career decisions.

Thus, when we are instructed upon an assignment we are able to move fast, sure that our focus will enable the best possible shortlist to be produced. If a particular sector requirement is a pre requisite then we are able to drill down into our network and produce candidates who match specific criteria. Crucially, they won’t be in our network if they have not selected themselves for the type of roles we work with – so we won’t be sacrificing mindset for sector expertise – they will have both!

We would love to speak to you!

Please email us:

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OR better still CALL US, all of our mobile numbers are all on this website in the Team section, or try us at our office on on 0207 492 2703 and we will ensure that you are directed to the right member of our team to assist you.