I have known Equi­tyFD, Equi­tyFC and Equi­ty Inter­im for over 15 years, rely­ing on their sup­port on count­less occa­sions. I recent­ly worked with Jo Wil­son to source a new senior inter­im resource for my team. I had very spe­cif­ic require­ments but Jo moved swift­ly and dili­gent­ly to source some great can­di­dates. There was heavy com­pe­ti­tion for these can­di­dates but Jo helped secure the final can­di­date ahead of oth­er offers. This is the rea­son I rely on this team.

Javier Brage, CFO, Mavenoid
Inclusive employers

I have known Joan­na for many years and worked with her again to source the new CFO for the pri­vate equi­ty backed con­sul­tan­cy where I am Chair. Joan­na went at the assign­ment with the pas­sion and vigour I would have expect­ed. She was par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive to ensur­ing that not only were the skill sets spot on, but that the can­di­dates pre­sent­ed tru­ly bought in to the busi­ness’ mis­sion and val­ues. This result­ed in a great hire! 

John Zafar, Chair, Inclusive Employers

My rela­tion­ship with Equi­tyFC and Equi­tyFD goes back many years and I nat­u­ral­ly turned to them when I required a key sup­port to me in the hire of a new Group FC.

Jo Wil­son was an intel­li­gent and tena­cious part­ner on this search , work­ing on our behalf in the mar­ket to deliv­er a high qual­i­ty short­list result­ing in a first class hire to the team.

John Thompson, CFO, Telecom Infrastructure Partners