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We are focused on Finance Director, Financial Controller and Head of Finance Recruitment into high growth, high potential businesses. We understand fully how key the roles we recruit are to supporting and enhancing growth and unlocking returns.


What turns ‘agile’ into ‘erratic’?

Looking back through the archives of this blog is a sobering experience: nothing really changes. Today’s cliché about "operating in a world of uncertainties" is hard to escape (and like most clichés is...

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Funny money

June, and the focus for many businesspeople has shifted. Every company has had to get to grips with socially distanced working; massive changes to supply chains and customer habits; and uncertainty about the economy. Now, it’s all about ...

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History & Sister Brands

EquityFD was established in 2000 and had subsequently been joined by EquityFC (Financial Controller Recruitment), EquityChair (Chair and NED Recruitment) and EquityInterim (Interim finance hires). The businesses share a common high growth client base and a focus on building real networks of value creating professionals.

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  • Equity FC
  • Equity Interim
  • Equity Chair
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