Dr. Mike Hicks

Mike works with EquityFD and EquityFC  to help keep our search processes at the forefront of the industry, developing bespoke techniques and providing our clients with a leading edge psychometric solutions.

His background includes eight years in Romania (setting up Deloitte’s office; running the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development office; heading the private equity arm of Creditanstalt Investment Bank). He then spent five years of doctoral work focused on management recruitment and selection - funded by acting as an independent financial and strategy adviser to company owners. For the last twelve years, Mike has worked for about 30 mid-market private equity houses, firstly from within Grant Thornton but, since 2010, as Catalysis Advisory acting as an adviser to them and their investees on strategy, organisation and people issues, the interplay between which defines investment success or failure. He has carried out 250 assignments including more than 100 transactions.