Autumn: it all changes

3 Oct 2018

Change is something we’ve had to get used to in business. It’s been fashionably dressed up as re-engineering, transformation and latterly disruption (oh, and “pivoting”, of course). But we seem to have entered an era where the change is universal. If you're not constantly revolutionising things, you're stuck. It's tiring... Obviously this is about Brexit. But coming out of a summer of…

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Dream bigger: The scale-up moment

12 Jun 2018

EquityFD has a great strategic partnership with  Smith and Williamson and we wanted to share with you their Scale-up, “Dream bigger” campaign. It promotes how they engage with, inspire and support a wide range of fast growth, ambitious, entrepreneur-led businesses on their scale-up journeys. The campaign, which is now live, is aimed at founders (and their management teams) of fast-growth businesses, better…

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Culture is people!

2 Apr 2018

The most important result of a strong organisational culture is sustainability. Not in the environmental sense – this is about being resilient to shocks, capable of creative solutions and planning for the long term. That resilience and creativity is rooted in diverse and inclusive workplaces – which makes the right people policies central to both culture and enterprise value. So we…

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What you count defines your culture

21 Mar 2018

Culture expert: it’s not the first topic that jumps to mind as a ‘must-have’ when you’re looking down the CV of a growth company finance director. But after 140 of them attended this year’s Contemporary FD event – themed around culture – there was little doubt. FDs neglect culture at their peril. It was actually in the after-event networking session that one…

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2017: the year we all went crazy

15 Dec 2017

I saw a promoted tweet today, from Aviva. As you can see, there's a picture of a North Korean tank rolling through a city. (Presumably Pyongyang – if it was Seoul, you’d be reading this on a clay tablet…) Pretty dramatic stuff for a marketing message aiming to educate investors about the effect of the GBP-USD rate on their FTSE 100…

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Culture: we won’t soft-soap you

13 Sep 2017

How do you measure your business’s culture? How does it fit with other metrics and reportables? Can you measure it, should you – and does it even matter? These are the questions we’ve been weighing up as we start planning for Contemporary FD 2018 – the third of our annual FD events designed to help you explore the… well, frankly, the less…

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New beginnings

3 Aug 2017

There’s something about the terrific new look to this web site that brings to mind fresh beginnings. An updated look-and-feel is, on the face of it, purely cosmetic – some clever new code and good-looking graphics. But it also suggests something much more important: investment, care and intent by, and for, the underlying business. And those are things that all of…

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Hard data or virtual reality?

13 Jun 2017

If this decade ought to be remembered for anything in business, it’s data. Big Data. Data Analytics. Data privacy and data security. Fuzzy data, unstructured data, data mining. We’re at the point when every senior job demands you to have some kind of facility with analytics, at the very least a passing interest in how well your database is structured. The obsession…

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BATNA down the hatches

8 May 2017

If nothing else, the politics of our time are an object lesson in leadership. Is Trump a great leader because he managed to win an election on (most would argue) racist hot air and pandering to some notional desire to blitz elites? Or is he a terrible leader who’s merely chanced his arm? What about Marine Le Pen? A champion of national…

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Contemporary FD 2017: the wrap-up

23 Mar 2017

The second annual Contemporary FD event brought together 139 delegates, 19 speakers... and a raft of new ideas for navigating choppy waters ahead.   The thing about clichés, they say, is that they only become so by being true. And while it’s infuriating that every other business article or positioning paper these days begins, “the business world is changing fast and we face…

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