This goes beyond just finding you a role, we are keen to engage with you more fully, introduce you to your peers, invite you to events, get a real relationship going.

That means we need to meet you!

Actually meet you.

So please send your details to us indicating a few facts about your level, salary requirements and career goals, as well as your CV and we can get things going .

But before you do please take a moment to consider if our focus is right for you.

In general terms we will only be relevant if you are at home mixing strategic and hands on, managing cash on the one hand and being involved with corporate transactions on the other and are seeking a higher risk, higher profile role.

If you are FD level then we will need you to be interested in:

  • A standalone role where the proverbial buck will definitely be stopping with you and where a cash obsession goes with the territory;
  • A role with a breadth which will extend far outside of finance and often at least include responsibility for IT and HR;
  • A role where you will be the right hand man or woman alongside a dynamic and often very tough CEO;
  • A role where an exit, whether a trade sale, buyout or a listing is most likely on the cards and you are excited by this prospect and the chance to create value for the business, its owners and for you.

We probably can’t help if you are looking for a large pay rise (equity will tend to be the driver in most of our roles) or you are just looking for a job (you’ll need more passion than that for one of our businesses!)

If you are interested in what we offer then please contact us at or call us on 020 7493 2703.

If you are FC/Head of Finance level then please consider the following:

  • Do you care how ‘blue chip‘ your career moves look? If so then we’re not right for you!
  • Do you embrace the career ladder in larger organisations? If so, then again we probably cant help!
  • Do you want to put more of you into your next role and use your all- round experiences rather than just a tiny part of your technical ability? Yes? Now we’re talking!
  • Do you prefer a more unstructured role rather than a prescriptive one?
  • Are you interested and motivated by the prospect of being part of a successful exit for the business and its shareholders?
  • Does entrepreneurial spirit inspire you and are you keen to learn and develop a breadth of skills?
  • Do you have a longer term goal of becoming a Finance Director in a growth business?

If you are interested in what we offer then please contact us at or call us on 020 7493 2703.