Our candidates

Our candidates are our lifeblood and we have what we hope is a very different approach to them.

We look to work with them over their career as a finance director and beyond, into other management or non-executive roles. We have placed a number of our candidates a number of times. Not because it didn’t work out but because they have been part of a number of successful exits and have come back to us hungry for the next deal.

We want to get to know FDs and we are keen to meet up whether or not we have a role for an individual at present. If you are a candidate reading this and you are interested in the type of higher risk roles we focus on please do get in touch.

We will need you to be seeking:

  • A standalone role where the proverbial buck will definitely be stopping with you and where a cash obsession goes with the territory;
  • A role with a breadth which will extend far outside of finance and often at least include responsibility for IT and HR.
  • A role where you will be the right hand man or woman role alongside a dynamic and often very tough CEO;
  • A role where an exit, whether a trade sale, buyout or a listing is most likely on the cards and you are excited by this prospect and the chance to create value for the business, its owners and for you.
  • We probably can’t help if you are looking for a large pay rise (equity will tend to be the driver in most of our roles) or you are just looking for a job (you’ll need more passion than that for one of our businesses!)

If you like what you see then contact one of us:

Robert Draper
office no: 020 7493 2703
mob no: 07790 901 431

Joanna Adolph
office no: 020 7493 2703
mob no: 07768 807 557

Rachael Oldfield
office no: 020 7493 2703
mob no: 07771 591 461

Sarah Hunt
office no: 020 7493 2703
mob no: 07958 281 515